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When you buy a kitten without a pedigree you are never sure whether you bought a cat you wanted to buy. There is always a reason why certain kittens do not have a pedigree. Excuses about unnecessary documents and fees is a bunch of lies. Mostly, the lack of pedigree is the result of fraudulent seller! Even if the seller shows you the alleged parents and their documents, you are not sure whether the kittens are the result of this combination – mostly they are not. Low price kitten is often the result of „saving” on the food, vaccination, tests, etc.

What you should know before buying a kitten..

– Breeder should show you the kitten in his home conditions, they s hould tell you about the characteristics of race and typicalpersonality traits of the kitten you have chosen – breeder is obliged to answer all questions and to ensure his help at the time when your kitten is already in your home.

– The breeder should give a kitten soon after the completion of 12 weeks – it is appropriate to release a little cat – never before!

– At the time the kitten is to pick up, they should be AT LEAST VACCINATED AND DEWORMED TWICE! It is of high importance that the kitten is vaccinated at least a week before leaving home, because kitten should acquire resistance.

– The breeder enters into a contract of sale with the buyer which ensures that kitten's parents are free from genetic diseases and are tested for feline leukemia and feline HIV (two incurable and fatal disease of cats).
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