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siberian cats
A guest doesn't like cats,
I suppress my nerves,
But I forgive him,
For I understand it:
As staying with the cat
In close intimacy,
Could be contracted
With inferiority complex.
Franciszek J. Klimek
siberian cats
The power and grace at the same time
And independence,
Excellent health
And character, flair
And intelligence – these are the traits
Of a „Smiling” north cat
(„Kot”, nr 5, 2006)
siberian cats
I know little, but I'll say what I know,
Although it probably won't be a nugget
The most beautiful music at bedtime,
Is a happy purring cat.
siberian cattery Nowa Era*PL



TOP Nowa Era - najlepsze kocie strony

Welcome to the homepage of Nowa Era*PL Cattery.

Our cats are registered in the Cat Club Feniks – CCF, which belongs to the Felis Polonia FPL under the patronage of the FIFe – the Federation Internationale Feline. What is more, we belong to the prestigious SIB Cat Club.
Our breed specializes in Classic Siberian Cats of different colours and in Siberian Neva Masquerade Cats. Our cats are carefully selected. We make sure that both the character and the personality meets the breed standard. The proper objective of the selection is to gain offspring of the best characteristic in the future. In our breed we prefer big and strong Siberian cats. All our cats are healthy, regularly vaccinated and have valid FeLV and FIV tests with negative results.
The veterinary care over the Nowa Era*PL Breed is assured by wonderful, The veterinary care over the Nowa Era*PL Cattery is assured by a wonderful, animal lover vet Mrs. Dorota Mazur from the the Veterinary Surgery at 9/2 Piłsudskiego Street in Szczecin, and in case of emergency by veterinary Mr. Waldemar Dobryłko from the Animal Emergency Service at Wojska Polskiego in Szczecin (www.lecznicaszczecin.pl). It is a man of a great heart, friendly for people and animals, an unparalleled expert. This man saved my kitty's life, when others were spreading their arms powerlessly. Thank you Doc!
SC HORUS Perła Północy*PL – offspring
Praga 21-01-2012


SC BOSTON Nowa Era*PL – offspring
GIC DRAZIC Contentus*PL – offspring
IC ALEKSANDER vel Żooli*PL – offspring
CH CYPRYS Pola Elizejskie*PL – offspring



We received other photos of beautiful Siberian sisters from litter "E2". ESTONIA Nowa Era*PL and ELBA Nowa Era*PL grow healthy and happy. Mrs Dorothy and Mrs Martha thank you and best regards :)

We have new pictures from Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski :) Thank you :)
HAJFA Nowa Era*PL already feels like home :) bravely visited the whole house. HAJFA likes to be petted, purring right away :) We add strokes from us :)
Warm greetings :)

We received new pictures and a video from Kolobrzeg. Thank you Monica :) CEJLON Nowa Era*PL blossomed into a beautiful, magnificent male cat. It also has a mild character. They make a great duo with small Tymek.
Real Men friendship from birth :)

We received the first images from Krakow. Thank you Mrs Grażynka :) HURON Nowa Era*PL and GARLAND Nowa Era*PL became friends.
Boys have a good time and after a week of mutual distrust there was a big love. Big strokes for both. Greetings from Szczecin :)

We received a new photo of the beautiful Cleo from Poznan :) ELBA Nowa Era*PL is a small treasure for Mrs. Marta :)
Thank you and best regards :)

The last "little cow" of litter "H2" - HAJFA Nowa Era*PL went the long way to Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski. This cute kitty settled up with Marta in a house full of animals together with Siberian females GRENADA, FORTUNA, WIFI and shiba inu puppy - LWU :) Be happy baby :) Grow healthy :)

We received other photos from Poznan. Thank you Mrs Asia :)
Siberian kitten Zaria Nowa Era*PL is an elegant, silvery cat lady.
Small "Donought" ERYTREA Nowa Era*PL grew, became fluffy and more attractive. Big strokes for both Siberian beauties :) Kind regards :)

Today in the morning our female BLANKA Koci Eden*PL gave birth to white balls - Neva Masquerade kittens - LITTER "L2".
Dad is our gorgeous male IC ALEXANDER vel Żooli*PL. We cannot wait until little Nevas start to get colours and open their wonderful sweet blue eyes :)

We received other photos from Szczecinek. Thank you Mrs Ewa :) Sweet GWADAR Nowa Era*PL grows healthily among loving people :)
We also got new images from Mrs Violetta from Stargard. Thank you :)
WINDSOR Nowa Era*PL went on vacation. Strokes for the charming Maurice :) Kind regards :)

Lovely Siberian kitten HAWANA Nowa Era*PL went to a new home.
She lives in Swinoujscie with Mrs Regina. Good luck and all the best for the sweet kitty :)
Greetings to new owners :)

LITTER "B2" is celebrating its first birthday today. Big strokes for cat's jubilats: BOGOTA, BATRINA, BOTSWANA, BAZYLEA, BARBADOS i BALATON. Greetings to the owners of these beautiful Siberians :)
HURON Nowa Era*PL went to his new home.
This lovely male settled up in Krakow together with an older colleague from our breeding - GARLAND. We hope that the youngsters quickly become friends and their new, loving family will be happy with the presence of a murmur of friends :)

Our JAMAJKA Nowa Era*PL became Champion at the cat show in Gliwice.
This wonderful kitty of a rare smoky coat also got her first CACIB for Inter Champion title. Congratulations Gabrysia - breeder of Gabelin Fort*PL. Applause to JAMAJKA Nowa Era*PL!!!

Tonight, after a hard birth beautiful Siberian kittens were born - LITTER "K2".
Parents are MAGALIE Syberian-Pol*PL and SC HORUS Perła Północy*PL.
All the best babies "K2" :) Grow healthy :)

We received the next photos of sweet Chloe :) Thank you :)
CREMONA Nowa Era*PL loves to cuddle up to Mrs Agnieszka a lot :)

The last male of the litter "G2" went to a new home - GROLLEY Nowa Era*PL. Sweet elfie lives in the Netherlands with Paulina and Bartek.
We are very pleased that the toddler was taken to cat lovers :) It will have an older Siberian friend. This makes it easier to accept a new family. Be happy dear Elfie :)

Our lovely, blue-eyed kitty CH ZELANDIA Nowa Era*PL gave birth to a long-awaited Neva Masquerade kittens LITTER "J2". Dad became our beloved tomcat IC ALEKSANDER vel Żooli*PL. Caring Zelandia looks after the little ones very well. All shows that the next kittens of that couple will grow up to be great Nevas :)

The gold Siberian catkin GOLDENESIMA Queen Cleopatra (CH) arrived to us from far Switzerland. Our first goldie charmed all with its beauty :) Thank you Claudia :)

We received other photos from Wladysławowo. Thank you Agnieszka :) CH YAKIMA Nowa Era*PL became mom :)
She gave birth to wonderful, colourful babies. Big strokes for Yakima and her kittens :)

Next photos of Siberian girls FORTUNA Nowa Era*PL and GRENADA Nowa Era*PL were sent to us by Marta and Kasia.
Thank you and best regards :) Heart grows as we watch the farther growth of our Siberian nurslings :)

We received other photos from Goleniow. Thank you!!! ESTONIA Nowa Era*PL is already a big, beautiful, green-eyed Siberian catkin :) Greetings :) strokes for Easy :)
But LUIZJANA Nowa Era*PL called Luizjanka at home -kept nature of a sweet cuddly kitty. She is already an adult Neva Masquerade kitty, but still likes to romp. Thank you for the photos Mrs Magda :) strokes for Lizi :)

Cheerful redhead GARLAND Nowa Era*PL went to a new home today. The male settled in Krakow.
The new, loving family takes excellent care of the baby.
Garland soon will have a new Siberian feline friend :)

For the first time we received pictures from Szczecinek. Thank you Mrs Ewa :)
Sweet male GWADAR Nowa Era*PL wonderfully acclimated to his new home.
Whole family quickly fell in love with him:) Big strokes for baby :)
Further, artistic photos were sent from Szczecin. Thank you!!!
POLINEZJA Nowa Era*PL has grown into a beautiful Neva Masquerade catkin.
Oh, those Poli's wonderful blue eyes...
We also received new photos of our beautiful, adult grandchildren born in the cattery Fantasmagoria*PL.
Thank you Kasia!!! Photos can be viewed in the bookmark 'Males'; SC HORUS Perła Północy*PL; Offspring;

The beautiful, mackerel tabby kitty - WENUS Figlarne Kociaki*PL came to live with us.
Thank you Emilka for this purring, Siberian ball, which already stole all our hearts :)

We received other photos from Poznan. Thank you Mrs Asia :)
ZARIA Nowa Era*PL and ERYTREA Nowa Era*PL enjoy their feline company and on the occasion they make happy their human family :)
Kind regards :) strokes for girls :)

We received other photos from far Ireland. Beautiful Siberian tortie CH TUNEZJA Nowa Era*PL became the mum of cute kittens. Thank you Mirella :) Strokes for kittens and their wonderful catty mum:)

We received next photos from Choszczno. Thank you very much:)
FENIKS Nowa Era*PL promises to be a wonderful representative of his race.
With his classical tabby colour and proud posture he is more and more like his beautiful father HORUS Perła Północy*PL.

Thank you Martha and Kasia for more photos from Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski.
GRENADA Nowa Era*PL and FORTUNA Nowa Era*PL lead happy, carefree life among loving people :)

An important for us International Cat Show was held in Cracow. We presented three beautiful Siberian females from our cattery.
IC WERONA Nowa Era*PL gained further certificates CAGCIB for the prestigious title of Grand International Champion.
Congratulations to Piotr and the family of Mrula*PL. Strokes for the beautiful kitty :)
CH CHATANGA Nowa Era*PL gained two CACIB certificates for the title of International Champion, getting additionally a nomination for Best in Show (NOM BIS).
Congratulations to Gabrysia from the cattery Gabelin Fort*PL.
Her debut at the Krakow show beautifully made smoky Siberian kitten JAMAJKA Nowa Era*PL winning her first CAC for the title of Champion. Jamajka has also proved the most beautiful Siberian cat in color.
She won the prestigious title of Best in the Variety (BIV)twice. Big applause!!!
Congratulations to Gabrysia - breeder from the cattery Gabelin Fort*PL.
We are very proud of our nurslings :)

In our friendly cattery Świat Kocich Łap*PL Neva Masquerade kittens were born.
The proud dad was our tomcat Inter Champion Aleksander vel Żooli*PL.
Congratulations to you, Mrs. Ania !!! All the best little ones :)

Today my favorite GWADAR Nowa Era*PL went to a new home - nicest sweety of previous litters :) The toddler settled in Szczecinek. I hope that he will please his new family with his presence :)

It was a day full of emotions. As many as three kittens left the cattery to start a new, independent life away from their mom. Luckily, befriended cats FORTUNA Nowa Era*PL and GRENADA Nowa Era*PL live together in Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski with Mrs Marta. The girls will also be loved by Ms. Kate, animal lover and family friend :)
Beautiful, like his father FENIKS Nowa Era*PL lives in Choszczno with Malwinka and her parents. The toddler quickly accepted his new family :)

We received the first pictures of a cream kitten. Thank you Mrs. Ola :)
FOX Nowa Era*PL quickly fell in love with a new family and his older Siberian colleague Figielek fully accepted his feline company :)

Again, it was time for goodbyes and welcomes for kittens in their new homes :)
Tonight FOX Nowa Era*PL - a cream tomcat, went to his new home.
This lovely male lives now with Aleksandra, Piotr, Dawid, Adas and his new Siberian friend Figielek :) Best wishes for a pleasant family of Fox and strokes for cats :)

Tonight new kittens - LITTER "I2" welcome the world. The parents are:
IC NAOMI od Kniahini*PL i GIC DRAZIC Contentus*PL.
This is the next litter of beautiful red heads in our breeding. Grow healthy sweet babies!!!

How time goes quickly... LITTER "A2" celebrates today its First Birthday!!!
Big strokes for cats jubilates: ARIZONA, ALABAMA and ASPEN :)
We greet great families of our nurslings, and thank you for current photos of already grown cats :)

Our next exhibition abroad, this time in the Czech town Most.
Wonderful Siberian kittens IP OLYMPIA Nowa Era*PL and IP JARDINE Nowa Era*PL won the titles of INTERNATIONAL PREMIOR!!!
Both females have won the double nominations for BEST IN SHOW !!!
We are very proud of our nurslings :)
Congratulations to Jola from Gryfino :)

We received new pictures of our feline children. LUIZJANA Nowa Era*PL - already grown catkin, kept nature of a sweet kitten. Thank you Mrs Magda for greetings. Strokes for Lizi :)
ESTONIA Nowa Era*PL is a young cat lady. Her caregivers made Easy, who has completed four months yesterday, a nice birthday :)

Today LITTER "Z" celebrates its first birthday. Strokes for cats jubilates: ZARIA, ZAMBIA, ZEJA, ZAMBEZI and ZANZIBAR. We greet new families of our little ones :)

Another successful show, this time in Koscian. Great neuters JARDINE Nowa Era*PL and Olimpia Nowa Era*PL are already premiors :) Both girls also won their first title certificates CAPIB Interpremior. Both PR JARDINE Nowa Era*PL and PR OLYMPIA Nowa Era*PL have been twice nominated for BEST IN SHOW!!!
We are very proud of our nurslings - medalists :) Congratulations to Jola :)
The young HERENA Sun of Gaba*PL started her first championat winning 2 x CAC certificates.
It seems that little Neva will like shows. It's a real star :)

When the holidays come,
let hope and joy
knock to your door,
and Easter will bring
prosperity, happiness
and a beautiful smile every day
at the sight of murmuring, Siberian friends :)

Today Madame Clicquot Neva's Legend (RU),wonderful kitty, gave birth to beautiful Siberian kittens LITTER H2.
All pinto "cows" are similar to the mother. HORUS Perła Północy*PL is the daddy of kittens. They are big, fluffy and good in the type – sensational litter :)

We received next photos from the Netherlands. KALIFORNIA Nowa Era*PL worthily represents our breeding abroad :)
She grew up into a beautiful, good in the type Siberian kitty of a friendly nature :)
Thank you, Izunia :)

International Cat Show in Goleniów will long remain in our memories :)
Beautiful cats from Nowa Era came from different parts of Poland. YAKIMA Nowa Era*PL came from Władysławowo, JARDINE Nowa Era*PL and Olimpia Nowa Era*PL from Gryfino and IC WERONA Nowa Era*PL up from Krakow.
Our wonderful Siberians have achieved great success.
CH YAKIMA Nowa Era*PL became Champion.
Congratulations to Agnieszka - the breeder of Skarb Syberii*PL cattery.
IC WERONA Nowa Era*PL has received her first certificates CAGCIB for the title of Grand International Champion and a very valuable to breeders title of Best in Variety!!! One year old cat IC WERONA Nowa Era*PL for the eighth time in her showing career won BIV, becoming again the most beautiful Siberian cat in colour!!! She is getting closer to the title of DVM. Fingers crossed!!!
Congratulations to Piotr and his family - breeders of Mrula*PL.
Blue Siberian girl YARDINE Nowa Era*PL started the title of champion in class of neuters earning 2 x CAP and her first nomination for Best in Show (BIS NOM) Congratulations to Jola from Gryfino :)
The debutant OLYMPIA Nowa Era*PL prepared the greatest excitement for us. This beautiful tortie Siberian received 2 x CAP and two nominations for the Panel BIS (2 x NOM BIS).
Our showing star won up BIS twice!!!
OLYMPIA Nowa Era*PL became twice WINNER BEST IN SHOW Neuter cat.II Goleniów 2014!!!
She defeated many excellent, highly titled cats of different breeds and both sexes.
It was the most beautiful neuter cat of the entire cat show. GREAT APPLAUSE!!!
Congratulations to Jola from Gryfino :)
In Goleniow also debuted gorgeous Neva girl HERENA Sun of Gaba*PL. This very young kitten received two excellent and flattering opinions from judges. The audience who came in numbers to the show, liked her a lot.
It was a very successful show for Siberians from Nowa Era*PL. We are very proud of the achievements of our cats :)

We received next photos from Goleniow. Cheerful and ubiquitous ESTONIA Nowa Era*PL has become a favorite mascot of the whole family :)

The colourful litter "Y" is one year old today!!! Big strokes for YAKIMA, YUMA, YAMDEN and sweet YAPEN. Greetings to carers of sweet "Y" cats :)

We received more photos from new homes. BOGOTA Nowa Era*PL uses the first rays of the sun. LUIZJANA Nowa Era*PL still likes the original cat beds and as a real Luisian cuddly girl – she curls up in the ball always close to Hania. In contrast, ELBA Nowa Era*PL feels best in the arms of a new mummy Magda :)
Thank you for the photos of your pets :)

Today we celebrate the first birthday of Litter "X". All the best for the cute blue–eyed Nevas and greetings for their wonderful caregivers :)

We received next photos from Goleniow :) How nice to look at ESTONIA Nowa Era*PL who has found its place in a new, loving family :) Thank you Mr. Mariusz :) Strokes for Easy :)

Last kitten from the litter E2 has already left the cattery.
Sweet Neva girl ELBA Nowa Era*PL went to Poznan. As befits a brave girl she "packed" herself to the cat transporter ready to go. Cat Mom – MAGALIE Syberian–Pol*PL anxiously followed the departure of her child. The house became strangely quiet and empty. I'm sure that a small, cheerful Elba, will fill the cat's emptiness in the house of Marta and Krzysztof :)

Mrs Asia sent us the first joint image from Poznan. Thank you :)
The process of familiarization of the kitty is in progress :)
ZARIA Nowa Era*PL has to show a new "sister" her place in the row. Small ERYTREA Nowa Era*PL copes well and even Zaria's hissing is not able to spoil her good mood. Strokes for both Siberian girls :)

Goodbyes continue... Two Redheads ELBRUS Nowa Era*PL and EKWADOR Nowa Era*PL arrived in Zielona Gora together to Mr. Jaroslaw :) I'm glad that in addition to a loving caregiver they will have each other :)
All the best little ones :)

There are the first pictures of Siberian kitty ESTONIA Nowa Era* PL from her new home in Goleniow. Thank you Mr. Marius :) It's so nice to see how little Easy rules on the cat tree. She did not need much time to wrap a new family around her small foot. These are precisely the Siberians and we love them for that:)

Today two Siberian females from Litter "E2" went to their new homes:
ESTONIA Nowa Era*PL and ERYTREA Nowa Era*PL.
Estonia will live in Goleniow with Dorota and Mariusz and Erytrea in Poznan with Asia and Siberian female ZARIA Nowa Era*PL. Both girls went to great families. I'm sure they will be happy :)

At the cat show in the Czech Bojkovice beautiful smoky Siberian IC WERONA Nowa Era*PL gained the required certificates and received the title of International Champion!!!
Congratulations to breeding from Krakow Mrula*PL. Big strokes for a lovely Weronka.
We are very proud of her :)

It was a very nice day. A visit in Gryfino brought me great joy.
I had the pleasure of stroking grown–up cats, which left the cattery Nowa Era*PL some time ago and live in new homes. JARDINE Nowa Era*PL, OLIMPIA Nowa Era*PL and TEXAS Nowa Era*PL grew up to become great representatives of their breed. They are beautiful, handsome and very lovable Siberians. I had a tear in my eye when Chanelka (JARDINE Nowa Era*PL) after almost three years of separation greeted me very affectionately. For such moments it's worth to carry on with breeding. Thank you Jola, Ewelina and Tadeusz for the invitation and nice moments :)

We received the first photos of blue Neva girl Toska currently residing in Slupsk.
DALMACJA Nowa Era*PL becomes more and more like her beautiful father.
IC ALEXANDER vel Żooli*PL is a wonderful male and the daughter inherited his beauty.
Thank you Paulina :) Strokes for a real sweety – Toska :)

Unique LITTER "W" is one year old today!!! Big strokes for WINDSOR, WARREN and showing star cat CH WERONA Nowa Era*PL. All the best for cats and greetings for their great carers :)

Thank you for more photos from Poznan :) ZARIA Nowa Era*PL gives the new owners so much fun that they decided to give her a surprise... Soon Zaria will have a Siberian friend. Tiny ERYTREA Nowa Era*PL will join her :)))

Already in the world!!! The long–awaited LITTER G2" came into the world. Parents are: GIC ZATEJKA z Dworku  Bojara*PL and CH CHERVONETS Zaimka*UA – now in breeding Kocia Eminencja*PL.Thank you Marzena for the opportunity of mating our catkin with this beautiful tomcat :) This is an attractive combination for us. Kittens are cute and promise to be in a good Siberian type in the future:)

We also received new images from Stargard. WINDSOR Nowa Era*PL is a true sweety and friend of the whole family :) Kind regards to carers of the tomcat. Big strokes for Maurycy!!!

We received next photos from Władysławowo. Thank you, Agnieszka :)
The silver kitty YAKIMA Nowa Era*PL grows into a real Siberian beauty :)))

Champion WERONA Nowa Era*PL – beautiful, smoky Siberian, once again proved her class, this time at the cat show in Legionowo. Our nursling has received two nominations for Best in Show (2 x NOM BIS) and twice won the particularly valuable title of Best in Variety (2 x BIV), which means that once again she was the best Siberian cat in her colour group. CH WERONA Nowa Era*PL also received NOM BIS to SPECIAL SIB SHOW!!!
Congratulations to breeding MRULA*PL from Krakow. You got a unique cat :)
At the same cat show in Legionowo, our another nursling – YAKIMA Nowa Era*PL successfully debuted in the open class winning her first CAC for the title of Champion. We look forward to the next ones :) Congratulations to Agnieszka - the owner of the cattery Skarb Syberii*PL.

Our lovely tortie IC BERTA Przez Przypadek*PL gave birth to beautiful Siberian kittens LITTER "F2". Proud father of the kittens was a great stud SC HORUS Perła Północy*PL.
Kittens of this couple are big, strong and beautifully fluffy. We invite you to book babies "F2".

Thank you for the next photos of Siberian female ARIZONA Nowa Era*PL. Kitty grows beautifully and is happy with loving owners and a feline friend :)
We also received a picture of the tomcat SALWADOR Nowa Era*PL. It turned out that Stachu (because that is Salwador's name in the new house) no longer lives in Sweden, just returned to Poland with his human dad. We hope that there were no problems with the adaptation of the kitten in a new place :)

Today we celebrate the World CAT Day - holiday established to honor the animals properly, which for centuries have a specific role in the daily lives of people around the world.
The World Cat Day also draws attention to help free living and homeless animals.
In Poland there are over 5.5 million cats. Purring friends are in every third home, in this respect winning the competition with the dogs.
On the occasion of today's feast we wish all the best to cats and their caregivers.
However, we know that for real cat lovers the Cat Day lasts all year :)
"Today CATS celebrate their feast -
Earthly angels wrapped in fur,
That save human beings,
Bringing hope for a better tomorrow.
Their every gesture was a real magic...
Tender lamb sweetens the bitterness;
Paw's brush chases nightmares;
Purring soothe and alleviate pain.
The presence of a cat's changes life -
Just touch the wet nose,
And all the worries pass away,
Concern goes into oblivion.
And even when the snow outside the window sprinkles,
And the crisis, gray and well around,
It's like a little warmer for the soul,
when watching over by her cat angel."

On the eve of all the cat lovers holidays we participated in The Szczecin Cat Show.
The cattery Nowa Era*PL was represented by four of our cats:
Adults: DRAZIC Contentus*PL and IC NAOMI od Kniahini*PL and toddlers: Herena Sun of Gaba*PL and our alumnus CULLMAN Nowa Era*PL.
Large audience admired our favorites :)
For such moments it's worth to carry on with the cattery :)

At the show in Bielsko-Biala, our fosterling WERONA Nowa Era*PL won a next CAC for the title of Champion. Congratulations and we are looking forward to the next :)

Thank you for other photos of the tomcat WINDSOR Nowa Era*PL.
Greetings to the wonderful caregivers of the toddler.
We wish you health and send great strokes for Maurycy :)

Our beautiful nursling CH GAJA Nowa Era*PL won the third and last CACIB on the German show in Untergruppenbach winning the prestigious title of INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!
Congratulations Dorotka - the breeder of Z Pogranicza*PL.Big strokes for a lovely Gajka :)

WERONA Nowa Era*PL debuted in open class starting her championship.
The cat show in Vinicne near Bratislava (Slovakia)brought her first CAC.
Bravo Weronka!!! We keep our fingers crossed for other successful cat shows of the beautiful female.
We are very proud of her :)
Thank you Peter for the wonderful photo report from the show :)

We received more photos from Bydgoszcz breeding Fordonia*PL. Thank you, Lucynka :)
YUMA Nowa Era*PL and TOSKANIA Nowa Era*PL are beautiful Siberian females. Their new images can be seen in the section In New homes :)

Our wonderful foster girls: JORDANIA Nowa Era*PL and IC GEORGIA Nowa Era*PL went to an exhibition in Berlin (Germany).
JORDANIA Nowa Era*PL won the title of Champion and first CACIB that is a certificate to an International Champion :)
IC GEORGIA Nowa Era*PL won two certificates to the title Grand International Champion!!!
Big applause for Bogusia - the breeder of Pretty Siberian*PL.
We are pleased with the success of our graduate :)

We received next photos from Władysławowo. Siberian female YAKIMA Nowa Era*PL became beautifully silver and fluffy.
Thank you Agnieszka - the breeder of Skarb Syberii*PL.

At the Warsaw cat show great triumphs celebrated our ward WERONA Nowa Era*PL.This wonderful kitty starting even in the junior class won 2 x BIV (Best in Variety) and 2 x NOM BIS (Nominated for Best in Show).
Congratulations to Piotr and the other breeders of MRULA*PL from Krakow.

In our friendly cattery Pure Posh*PL beautiful kittens - Litter "H" were born.
The proud daddy is our male - gorgeous stud SC HORUS Perła Północy*PL.Marlenka, congratulations. Strokes for babies :)

Our dream has fulfilled:) MAGALIE Syberian-Pol*PL i IC ALEKSANDER vel Żooli*PL became parents of wonderful kittens - LITTER "E2".
For the first time in our cattery, Neva (Siberian color point) was born among classic Siberians.
Colorful, strong and healthy kittens will definitely find new homes quickly:)

The annual balance in Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats Breeding Nowa Era*PL this time took us a very long time, because except our cats, the triumphs at last year's cat shows celebrated also our alumni. We could not ignore it in this summary. But let's start from the beginning...
Last year, our breeding had thirty-cute kittens in eight litters. All kittens have quickly found loving homes, but we decided to leave three of them in our cattery. We hope that soon, our next alumni will celebrate success on cat shows:
ZAMBEZI Nowa Era*PL, CHARLOTTE Nowa Era*PL and CULLMAN Nowa Era*PL. We haven't finished rejuvenation of our cattery with leaving only promising kittens. We also brought a "fresh blood" - females: MAGALIE Siberian-Pol*PL, ESPANOLA Kocia Eminencja*PL, HERENA Sun of Gaba*PL and Neva's Legend CLICQUOT MADAME, who came all the way from distant Moscow :)
Except many joys, we also had a difficult time in the cattery.
One of them was a painful decision to sterilize our beautiful and highly titled Siberian catkin SC IZYDA Figlarne Kociaki*PL. Thank you sweet Izyda for wonderful kittens (Litter "C" litter "J" and Litter "T").
In 2013, we rarely competed at cat shows and this is because most of our cats has already won planned for them titles. Our biggest last year's achievements include the prestigious title DVM - DISTINGUISHED VARIETY MERIT for SC ODISSI od Kniahini*PL, DVM.
The title DVM is awarded to cats that not earlier than in two years and one day, gain BIV ten times, which are considered the most beautiful cats of their breed in the colour group. Among the Siberian cats in Poland there are only seven cats that have been awarded this unique title.
In addition, great success were also the titles of SUPREME CHAMPION and BEST FEMALE TOP CAT Sib Cat Club 2012 for SC ODISSI od Kniahini*PL, DVM.
The pride of our cattery - SC BOSTON Nowa Era*PL for the second time in a row was the best Siberian male in Poland - BEST MALE TOP CAT Sib Cat Club 2012.
In the ranking of SIB Cat Club 2012 the second position went to SC IZYDA Figlarne Kociaki*PL and the fifth to GIC YARISHA z Dworku Bojara*PL.
Great joy gave us a very young Neva's Legend CLICQUOT MADAME (RU), which won BEST IN SHOW at SPECIAL SIB SHOW in the category of kittens 3-6 months old.
No less excited about the success of our other cats: GIC ZATEJKA z Dworku Bojara*PL won the title of GRAND INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION and IC NAOMI od Kniahini*PL became INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.
We are proud that we received information that our alumni in other catteries also perfectly presented themselves on the cat shows. CH TUNEZJA Nowa Era*PL currently in breeding Forest Side in Ireland won titles: CHAMPION, 2013 SUPREME CAT SHOW, BEST OF GROUP and BEST OF VARIETY SEMI-LONGHAIR ADULT!!!
IC RODEZJA Nowa Era*PL from the cattery of Mrula*PL won two titles: CHAMPION and INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION.
CH CHATANGA Nowa Era*PL from the cattery Gabelin Fort*PL, CH JAKUCJA Nowa Era*PL from the cattery Z Kolakowego Domu*PL and CH  GAJA Nowa Era*PL from the cattery Z Pogranicza*PL became CHAMPIONS.
In addition, we had a total of 8 x BIV, 10 x NOM BIS, 4 x NOM BIS Special SIB Show, 1 x BIS Special SIB Show!!!
Special mention deserves very young and promising WERONA Nowa Era*PL from the cattery Mrula*PL, which at the beginning of the career yet, has won 5 x NOM BIS and 3 X BIV.
The past year was very successful not only for breeding Nowa Era*PL. Congratulations on your success of our pupils in other catteries and their caregivers. We hope that they will not lose enthusiasm for their passion for breeding.
See you at the cat shows!!!


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