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1. Assist existing cats and protect them but prevent their further proliferation.

2. Do not treat a cat like things and toys. Respect their individuality, do not use any violence even during caresses. Do not tease!

3. Do not allow little children to play with the kitten: children should first learn how to be respectful and delicate towards helpless beings.

4. Protect cats against unpleasant sensations, against human and dog aggression (which often requires considerable courage), do not frighten cats, do not tease them, do not set a dog on them.

5. Play with a cat, take care of them, but neither intrusively or maliciously; allow healthy cat to sleep with amicable human.

6. Understand cat behaviour, know how to empathize in psychological and physical needs of a cat and try to meet them.

7. Do not believe that ordinary cats in the yard are worse than expensive medal and champion breeds.

8. Require from boards of housing associations, the property's landlords, the administrative and repair house committees to allow homeless cats to shelter in basements and other facilities from cold, rain, and direct threats. Make them arrange there dens, regularly give food, drink and contraceptives. The entry should be blocked with hanging piece of coarse cloth that could isolate the cats from frost.

9. Before dealing your business - you should meet your cat's needs, they cannot do it themselves.

10. Feed regularly, ensure permanent access to drinking water, take care of cat's health.

11. Do not get rid of cats by taking them away from home and leaving them without a care far from home.

12. Never drown cats - even the new born, do not kill them - just bring them to the veterinary facility, where they will be painlessly euthanized. Be emphatic!

Remember that hostility and aggression towards cats (and other animals) are the remains of superstitious fears of the dark medieval periods of human history. It is these primitive instincts that one should be ashamed of and avoid. And do not dispose of compassion and kindness that are the manifestation of better human nature and their culture's qualities, not a sign of weakness.
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